From Words to Worlds: The Art and Science of Translation

What? When? Why? Translation Translation involves the conversion of the intended meaning of a written message or text from one language into another. To effectively carry out this task, translators need to maintain a delicate equilibrium between retaining the essence of the original message and ensuring that the final product sounds natural and coherent in … Read more

ChatGPT, the newest form of machine translation?

In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence programs have received a lot of attention. Dall E mini has brought AI created art to the mainstream and various copywriting programs have popped up like Jasper AI. The most impactful and well-known AI program that has been released to the public however is ChatGPT. This is an … Read more

Getting started as a translator, How do i do that?

Starting out as a translator can be quite overwhelming, there is a lot to learn and to take into account. In order to give beginning translators some guidance, we asked our in-house translator Dide to write about her experiences starting out, and to give some tips to new translators. Introduction There are many paths to … Read more

Lingopie – like Netflix, but more!

Lingopie – like Netflix, but more! Who doesn’t love Netflix? Like so many others, so do I, but, like so many others, I also love languages. This is where Lingopie has seen a gap in the market and grabbed it, in a super fun and easy-to-use way. In fact, almost addictively, that I had to … Read more

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German Phrases – What they mean, Where they originated

Are you learning a new language? If you try to translate idioms or common phrases word for word, you will find the outcome rather ridiculous. Computer-aided translation apps usually can’t make sense of the word combinations. Here are some interesting and funny phrases in German translated literally to brighten your day! Da wird der Hund … Read more

Electric mobility

Electric mobility

Electric cars – advantage or disadvantage? That’s the question. The electric car market has certainly exploded recently. But we won’t discuss the pros and cons here, instead, electric mobility in general. For example, we know that sales of electric mobility scooters will reach $1.85 billion by 2027. The history of electric mobility The first electric … Read more

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Working as a Freelance Translator

Love languages and thinking about working as a freelance translator? Or maybe you’re already freelancing in the language industry and want to get some more inside tips. Either way, you’re in the right place! Here, you’ll learn all about freelance translation (you can skip to the next section if you already know) and where you … Read more

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Belbin Team Roles

Group projects. Everyone’s least favorite words. What used to be a dreaded activity in school and university is commonplace in the workplace. To be honest, a company cannot achieve its goals without successfully carrying out group projects. Request a Belbin Report So, think back. When was the last time you thought a group project went … Read more