From Words to Worlds: The Art and Science of Translation

What? When? Why? Translation Translation involves the conversion of the intended meaning of a written message or text from one language into another. To effectively carry out this task, translators need to maintain a delicate equilibrium between retaining the essence of the original message and ensuring that the final product sounds natural and coherent in … Read more

belbin roles symbols

Belbin Team Roles

Group projects. Everyone’s least favorite words. What used to be a dreaded activity in school and university is commonplace in the workplace. To be honest, a company cannot achieve its goals without successfully carrying out group projects. Request a Belbin Report So, think back. When was the last time you thought a group project went … Read more

WORDPRESS localization

How to Edit PO Files

Localization – the door to many possibilities. Whatever the language may be – German, French, Spanish, Arabic – you can localize it properly by first understanding PO files. Here, we’ll give you an overview of what PO files are, the difference between PO and MO files, how to edit PO files, and WordPress plugin suggestions. … Read more

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Spanish Words for Beginners

The Spanish language is the fourth most popular language in the world, spoken by 580 million people, which is 7.6% of the world’s population. An increasing number of people are learning Spanish as beginners, including working professionals who do business with Spanish companies. Others are taking up learning Spanish as a new hobby and school-age … Read more

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Funny German Words Translated into English

Many German words are created through compounds. That is when two or more words are placed together to form a longer word. Compounds allow really long German words to be formed (If you haven’t read about long German words yet, you can find it here). Compounds also allow objects to be described clearly (and sometimes … Read more

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How to Write a Professional Email in English

Are you considering reaching out to a potential client? Or are you possibly preparing to send in a job application? Whatever your goals are, learning how to write an email appropriately in English is a must. Professional emails provide the first glimpse into the kind of professional you are because, let’s face it, everything is … Read more

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I Love You in Different Languages

As they say: “all you need is love.” What better way to spread the love than to master these 10 ways to express your admiration and devotion to a family member, significant other, or friend? And the bonus? You can do this all while social distancing! Here you’ll learn not only how to say I … Read more

long german words

Here’s How Long German Words are Made

Here, we will: 10.6 letters – that’s the average number of letters a legal word in German has according to Duden. Non-legal terminology contains on average 6 letters per word. As a comparison, English words have on average about 4.7 letters. No wonder some people say German is a complicated language! But it’s really not … Read more

12 New Words In English and their meanings

Language is constantly evolving with new words in English as they add them to dictionaries every year. Therefore, a language learner or a native speaker, staying up to date on neologisms in English language can expand your linguistic capacities. As a result, they wow others with your language skills and expertise. In this article, we … Read more