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Explore new European markets with our localisation services


Looking for
Italian translation services?
We translate for some of the biggest companies in Italy.

With YTranslations, your company will discover new opportunities in foreign markets. Our affordable Italian translation services, carried out by native professional linguists, will help you expand your business abroad.
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Quality Index (ItalianEnglish projects)
Technical Translation
Technical Translation
In-house language experts in technical translations.
Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation
In-house language experts in marketing translations.
Legal Translation
Legal Translation
In-house language experts in legal translations.
Proofreading & Editing
Proofreading & Editing
In-house expert revisors and editors.
Website Localisation
Website Localisation
Expert linguists in website localisation.
SEO Translation
SEO Translation
Experts in search engine optimisation and translation.
Expert transcribers.
Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing
Experts in layout and desktop publishing.
Experts in copywriting.
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Technical Translation

Technical Translation Services

We translate most of our technical content internally with our professional in-house translators.

0 million
Translated words
in the technical industry.

Electrical Engineering

Maintenance and service manuals, assembly and repair instructions or guidelines, we translate all types of technical documents.

Information Technology

Are you looking to localise your software interface or your App description?



We ensure your manuals, operating instructions, functional descriptions and data sheets are accurate up to the finest detail.

Tech Marketing

Do you need your technical marketing content translated creatively?

Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation Services

Our creative linguists understand your brand in detail and adapt it to the local target market.

0 million
Translated words
in the marketing industry.

Content Marketing

We help your business create and localise your marketing content to any local market.

Social Media

We develop eye-catching posts and ensure your communications are clear and sharp.

Market Research

Our experts know how important it is to translate your reports accurately.

Product Marketing

Our creative linguists translate your product descriptions and ads with a fresh outlook.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation Services

Our specialised legal linguists ensure accurate and precise translations.

0 million
Translated words
in the legal industry.


Professional translation of commercial contracts, sales agreements, employment contracts, distribution agreements


Professional translation of business agreements, transactional documents, letters of intent, company statutes.



Professional translation of: patent and trademark applications, intellectual property documents, technical papers.


Professional translation of: legal analyses and opinions, court cases, legislation, litigation documents.

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading & Editing Services

Our specialised proofreaders are qualified native linguists with a fine eye for detail.

0 million
Revised and edited words.


Do you need your website, manuals, reports, press releases, marketing documents edited?


Do you need your journal article, dissertation, essay or term paper edited and proofread?


Do you need your manuscript, novel, play or ebook documents proofread?


Do you need your technical content or scientific materials revised by experts in the field?

Website Localisation

Website Localisation Services

We preserve all the nuances of your web content in the target language.

0 million
Localised words
in the IT & Website industry.


YTranslations specialists translate sites, eCommerce stores, apps and content for online businesses. We work on the CMS of your website (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.). We offer the WPML plug-in for free, allowing for a simple and fast localisation process.



We localise your website's content, newsletters and blog, as well as page layouts and elements of your brand, in order to create a perfectly native website to your target market.

SEO Translation

SEO Translation Services

Reach new markets and clients with our search engine optimised translations.

Translated words
optimised for search engines.


Our specialists can increase the visibility and ranking of your multilingual website pages.


We ensure your translated blog posts rank better in search engines.

Product Descriptions

We can optimise the translations of your product descriptions to reach a wider audience online.

Marketing Content

Raise the visibility of your multilingual marketing materials and ads.


Transcription Services

We transcribe your audio recordings at a high level of accuracy and quality at affordable rates.


99% Accuracy

Your manual transcripts are proofread and then QA checked in order to reach a high rate of accuracy.


Data security

Files are hosted on our GDPR compliant online platform using secure servers and the highest level of SSL encryption.

Human Transcribers

We ensure high quality and accuracy by using only human native transcriptionists.


Different options for your needs: audio time coding, SRT files, start/end time, speaker names, etc.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing Services

Our DTP experts ensure a precise and neat design and layout for all of your documents (.indd, .mif, .ai, .pub, .pdd, .psd).

0 .1 Million
Translated and Desktop Published words using InDesign.


Our specialists create page layout designs, layout adaptations, and file conversions.


We create templates with a consistent layout that will preserve the identity of your brand in any language.


We ensure that the design of your content and the used fonts are correct across all languages.

Quality Assurance

We correct all corrupted fonts, punctuation and discrepancies between the source and translated files.


Copywriting Services

Our copywriting experts create unique content for any type of business.

Web pages

Our writers create persuasive and engaging web content tailored to your business.

Social Media

We help your business reach out to your audience with creative content.


Our blog writers generate captivating posts in any specialised subject matter needed.

White papers

We help you publish insightful and in-depth content from different industries.

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