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Intern Profiles – Discover the reasons to start your work experience at YTranslations

Meet our beloved former interns. Find out why these young and dedicated people from all over the world chose to do their internship with us and what made their experience so special.

philip translator intern
Product Marketing Manager
March – August 2021

During my time at Ytranslations, I was responsible for the job of an account manager in the sales team of the company, and I want to highlight the profound experience I was given by the internship. Read more
sinan translator intern

Marketing Manager
February – July 2018

At YTranslations, I have learned how to utilize cloud based tools to conduct sales and marketing activities, gained hands-on experience in the acquisition of new customers and internalized a lot of knowledge about how businesses conduct and maintain growth. Read more

christelle translator intern

Translator English to French
May – July 2016

I had a lovely experience as an intern with YTranslations. Though we worked remotely together, I was still able to appreciate the dynamism and friendliness of the team.

What’s more, Alex & Alex were eager to build a two-way relationship. Read more

iona translator intern

Translator & Marketing
July – August 2021, June – August 2020

My internship experience with YTranslations has been very positive. My mentor, Iulita, has been very supportive, friendly and helpful whenever I have encountered any issues with the tasks that she set me. Read more

ioana intern translator

Translation & Project Management
July – August 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this amazing opportunity of getting a taste of how it’s like to work in a translation company. Our meetings used to take place either on-site or online and they were informative or practical. Read more

Joonas S. Profile

Marketing intern for Nordics market
June – August 2016

I was an intern at Ytranslations through AIESEC after my first year of university studies. My responsibility was to expand the company’s translation services to the Nordic market (especially Finland and Sweden) by finding potential marketing channels, clients, and freelance translators. Read more

diana intenship image

Translation & Project Management
July – August 2021

At YTranslations I had such a great time and I met a lot of well-prepared people. I had the chance to learn so many things about the large domain of translations. I think that this experience is the first step in my career. Read more

great Brittan translator

German Translator Intern
March-May 2018

During the internship I competed a variety of translations. This included translating documents from German into English. I studied German at university so it was a great way to utilise my language skills. I worked on up to 40 projects during my time at YTranslations including the translation of legal and engineering documents. Read more

intern girl portrait

Human Resources & Project Management
March-May 2022

The experience of being at YTranslations was a great one where I learned a lot of new information. My mentor, Iulita, has been able to convey to me the friendly atmosphere within the company. Read more

intern girl portrait

Translation & Project Management
March-May 2022

I would like to start off by saying that I could not have asked for a better internship experience. The YTranslations team is wonderful. Our mentor was extremely friendly and understanding. Read more

intern girl portrait

Translation & Project Management
March-May 2022

I am proud to say that I have been an intern at YTranslations. During this time I have learned so many new skills that I know will help me in the future. Our mentor, Iulita, walked us through all the important departments and showed us how the industry works. Read more

Sales Manager
August – October 2022

During my time at Ytranslations, I was responsible for doing direct sales on the German market specifically. Read more