german woman translator
  • United Kingdom

Intern Stacey J.

Internship position: German Translator
March-May 2018

During the internship I completed a variety of translations. This included translating documents from German into English. I studied German at university so it was a great way to utilise my language skills. I worked on up to 40 projects during my time at YTranslations including the translation of legal and engineering documents.

My internship at YTranslations was the first internship I had following my studies at university of Bristol and it certainly did not disappoint. The team I worked with during my time as a German translator could not have been any better. I really enjoyed my time with YTranslations and I believe it has aided me in many aspects including developing my German language skills and overall my confidence. I can only say a huge thank you to the team as I had a wonderful experience with YTranslations. I would recommend this company unreservedly to anyone searching for an internship.

During the internship, Stacey completed the following activities:

  • Read given material and research industry-specific terminology
  • Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone
  • Deliver translations and run Quality checks by using Trados/Memsource/MemoQ/Across
  • Proofread translated texts for grammar, spelling and punctuation accuracy
  • Follow up with internal team members and clients to ensure translation meets their needs
  • Edit content with an eye toward maintaining its original format (e.g. font and structure)
  • Receive feedback of translation work from specialised linguists and implement it in the projects
  • Translate legal documents from German to English
  • Translate technical manuals and guides from German into English