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Desktop Publishing

Our DTP experts ensure a neat design and layout for any document type

Our Results
Neat design and layout
Our specialists create page layout designs, layout adaptations and file conversions for any of your multilingual file types (.indd, .mif, .ai, .pub, .pdd, .psd, etc.)
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DTP-ed words in InDesign
DTP Experts
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Practice Areas
Multilingual typesetting
We ensure that the design of your content and the use of fonts is spotless across all languages and specialised industries.
We specialise in typesetting European languages as well as more demanding double-byte languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew).
Our Team
Template creation
We develop templates with a consistent layout that will preserve the identity of your brand in any language.
Template adaptation
If you have a source template we can adapt the layout and edit your existing template to better support your requirements for multilingual documents.
We correct all corrupted fonts, punctuation and discrepancies between the source and translated files

Our Process


Each project is assigned to one Project Manager (PM), who will be responsible from inception to delivery.

The PM analyses the entire project, including the genre/industry, timeline and glossary. Based on this preliminary check, the PM designs a project plan according to your needs.


For specific projects, we develop a glossary as a reference for all translators working with your materials.

The glossary is essential in ensuring your brand is consistent across languages. It requires continuous updating according to the brand development in time.


At this stage, the PM assigns the project to qualified native target language translators specialised in the industry of the content. We use Memsource as our main CAT tool (Computer-assisted translation) as well as SDL Trados Studio.

An important company policy is to work only with natives, which are also tested on specialised industries translations, among other 10 criteria.

The project then follows a revision process carried out by an equally qualified revisor, to ensure the quality of the translation.

We are realistic about the occurrence of errors in any human activity and the extra revision step allows to correct any mistakes from the initial translation.

After we receive the comments of the revisor, we return the translation document to the initial translator that adapts the text accordingly. If a client wishes to provide feedback we are happy to provide full involvement during this step of the project.


The PM uses Xbench and Memsource/Trados to have a final quality check and to ensure a consistent terminology.


The key elements that are taken into account are the following:

  • The translation and revisions are consistent across the entire project.
  • Everything is spell checked.
  • All the linguistic comments and reviews have been incorporated
  • All the client glossary terms have been used in the translations.


Depending on the project plan, the PM forwards the files to the desktop publishing team that designs the entire layout based on the needs of the client.

The team also verifies that the words have been hyphenated properly, the fonts are correct and that nothing has been omitted from the text during the formatting stage.


Lastly, the PM responsible for your order performs an overall check of the document and verifies all the initial requirements were met, to ensure a well tailored deliverable.

We always appreciate your feedback as we strive for excellence.

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