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So, you’re looking into having business documents, technical manuals, brochures or something similar translated? Your first question is most likely: How much does a translation cost?


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This is a great question because it helps to identify what you should have translated and what is maybe not worth the time, effort and money.

Here, you’ll get a breakdown of how we, at YTranslations, calculate our prices, the different levels of pricing based on your needs, and other factors that can influence the overall translation cost.

With a better understanding of the pricing structure, you can get the most out of your investment!

How Translation Prices are Calculated

At YTranslations, we calculate total translation costs based on word count. Simply put, the greater the number of words to be translated, the higher the cost.

You may be wondering why we calculate per word. Why not per hour?

Well in short, it’s because we have you in mind. By calculating translation projects per word, you, as the customer, can budget precisely.

Although calculating per hour is possible, the provided quote is not so accurate – some projects simply take longer amounts of time and others, shorter.

Calculating per word ensures that you don’t receive any cost surprises at the end.

With this in mind, let’s dive into other factors that can influence your end translation costs.

Factors that Influence Translation Cost


The number one cost influencer is text volume. Consider carefully what you wish to have translated.

Do you have two texts that are practically identical? Then, maybe you only need to have one translated instead of both. You can always reuse the content from the first translation with a couple of minor edits.

Another area to pay attention to is notes and comments within a document. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly method, omit comments irrelevant to the text content before submitting it for translation (i.e., Is this the right spelling, Format this bold).


Great organisation and planning not only save you stress but also money. You can avoid extra unnecessary costs by planning ahead.

However, Ytranslations understands that sometimes urgency is required. Bear in mind, though, that these projects will most likely incur an additional fee.

Language Pair

Translation prices also depend on the language pair. For instance, submitting a text to be translated into Spanish will not cost as much as into Arabic.

Thoroughly consider in what languages you would like your content. What makes the most sense for you, your business and your customers?


Texts, such as emails, are not as complicated as texts regarding machinery or chemistry. The more technical a text is, the more it will most likely cost.

But, not to worry! No matter the level of technicality, we have just the right specialist translator for your needs because we understand that accuracy and preciseness are of the essence.


At YTranslations, your texts always go through a revision process following translation. However, for documents in which minor mistakes can make all the difference, such as some legal and medical content, you may decide you would like an extra round of revision.

Or maybe you have a text that’s already been translated but you want to have a professional linguist look over it.


Official documents that require special certification, such as sworn translations, certified translations and others, will be more expensive than regular translations.

The last cost influencer we’ll mention that many don’t discuss is…


Relationships are central at YTranslations – in fact, many of our team members quote this as the top reason they enjoy working with us.

If you request frequent translations or have a large volume of texts, but fear it might be over budget, don’t worry. We would be happy to discuss discounts and the best options for you.

Our Translation Cost Structure

YTranslations values transparency and we have therefore created an easy-to-read chart of our basic cost structure, organised according to text type:

Text TypeWord rate starting from
General9 cents
Legal and Technical10 cents
Medical, Pharmaceutical and Patents11 cents

It seems simple, doesn’t it?

Our company prides itself on providing affordable translation without compromising on quality.

However, we understand that each company’s needs are different, meaning that the requirements of each project we take on vary as well.


Translation costs are influenced by a number such as the number of words, technicality and urgency.

However, it’s not all technical – the relationship between the parties involved is arguably even more important.

With this knowledge on costs, we hope you feel empowered to make the right investment decision for you.

We are always here ready to build what we consider most important: relationships.

We hope you found this helpful! You can request a free quote below and we will get back to you with a personalised price offer within 15 minutes.

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