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CAT Tool Optimisation

Efficient projects with Computer Assisted Translation Tools

Better, Faster, Cheaper

YTranslations uses Computer Assisted Translation Tools with AI and machine learning to ensure you receive fast, cost-effective and quality services.

Our CAT tools provide discounting of repetitions, advanced Machine Translation with AI Our CAT tools provide discounting of repetitions, advanced Machine Translation with AI technology, terminology and glossaries management for consistency, and translation memories for recycling previous translations.


Faster translations with AI powered Machine Translations and use of Translation Memories.


Discounted repetitions and previously recyled translations. Hybrid Machine and Human Translations for reduced costs.


Thorough technology quality checks for 20 types of errors, such as grammar mistakes, inconsistencies and omissions.


QA technology, Translation Memories and Term Bases ensure perfect consistency among all translations.

The Role of Computer Assisted Translation Tools

CAT tools segment a source file in sentences that are stored and can be reused in future translations. It allows for management of client terminology, automation of translation projects, Machine Translation and technology quality assurance checks.

Increased Speed = Lower Price = Better Quality

Our CAT Tools Benefits

  1. Content and style consistency
  2. Process automation
  3. Compatibility with all file formats
  4. Linguistic asset development (e.g. glossary, translation memory)
  5. AI powered Machine Translation
  6. Discounted repetitions and previous translations
  7. Client Portal with instant and automated quotes
  8. Technology proofreading and Quality Assurance

These features save both time and money while increasing the quality of the translations.

Linguistic Asset Development

Glossaries, style guides and translation memories are developed and updated in order to preserve your brand’s identity across languages.

Content Consistency

Terminology databases ensure Terminology databases ensure that translations follow the client glossary throughout the text and that the appropriate specialised terminology has been used.

Translation Memory (TM)

CAT tools store translatations in a database that can be reused for future translations, saving time and money. The TM also ensures a consistent tone across all translation projects.

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