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People come for our expertise and they stay for our commitment to quality and purpose.

With 7 years of experience working within different cultures and global organisations, understanding Generation Y and its impact on the economy, we have the insight and capacity to offer creative solutions.

We build communities with passion for language.

The pillars of every company represent the experiences of the people that run the business.

When Ytranslations was created, the founders agreed that they will not sacrifice own values and ethics for the sake of performance.

Both founders worked for the United Nations, Alex Zaciu has a background in Law and Human Rights whilst Alex Negurici represented the biggest youth run organisation, with a profile in intercultural business and language services. The best professionals want to work for a business with an ethical stand. We believe in a sustainable business model that creates added value for our customers. It is the only way to be competitive in the industry.

Our competitive advantage lies in our dynamic communities of translators, businesses and employees.

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Roughly 70% of the younger people see themselves as working independently at some point in their lives, rather than being employed within a traditional organizational structure. We see this as an opportunity to develop digital communities, where we share ideas, encourage learning and create trust. We are developing the virtual spaces that every linguist wants to be part of, which is what makes it so much fun. Ytranslations’ community stands for a place where people are appreciated for their work and are able to contribute.

When it comes to choosing between quality and quantity, we choose alternatives.

We give 110% for our customers’ satisfaction and we truly value such experiences that help us grow. Excellency can be subjective, that is why we use co-creation practices in order to build it together. We are always striving to go the extra mile, because that is the only way that we get to the finish line with our customers being fulfilled.

For us, fostering innovative and ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions is a matter of business processes than individual genius.

According to the 2014 Delloite Report on Generation Y: “Fostering a culture of innovation will not only help retain high-performing talent but it will also drive growth by creating opportunities for individuals to unlock the next game-changing innovations.” You will get to experience this culture from the moment you click on our website until you have the utmost satisfaction of excellent results for your business.

Alex Negurici

Alex Negurici


With an impressive international experience, Alex N. is an emergent leader of his generation.

With a background of over 7 years working in global organisations, he succeeded to be the Country Manager of AIESEC – the biggest youth run association worldwide, where he travelled in over 30 countries and developed a passion for cultures and languages.

At the age of 25, he was the Youth Representative of Romania at the United Nations in New York and had marketing/management roles in Canada, Belgium and the UK.

Most recently he worked as a Business Development Manager and branch manager of an international Language Service Provider in Romania. His know-how in the language industry has reunited with his passion for innovation and Generation Y development, which inevitably led him to establish his own company with his London based partner, Alex Z.

Alex Zaciu

Alex Zaciu


Alex Z. is a human rights lawyer with a wide-ranging professional experience across Europe.

With a Masters in Law degree from University of Essex, Alex Z has worked for a UK consultancy in Brussels delivering projects to the European Commission and the European Parliament. He has also worked for the European Union in Austria, United Nations in Switzerland, University of Essex in the UK and for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His passion for human rights and youth drives him to look for new ways of reaching people. His knowledge in research and management translated into his new venture, partnering with Alex N, to develop a company that aims to link businesses and the young generation.

Our Team

Daniel G.

In-house English Linguist

I’m grateful for those who care about me, and whom I also care about.

Kylee C.

In-house English Linguist

I’m grateful for nice people, e-books, and street tacos.

Anca V.

In-House German/Russian Linguist

I’m grateful for my life, my family, friends & my country.

Alex Z.


I’m grateful for my life, God and my family.

Claudiu N.

Partnership Manager

I’m grateful for love, happiness and watermelon.

Oana C.

Project Manager & QA

I'm grateful for kind people, good books and long walks.

Delia P.

Junior Project Manager & HR

I am grateful for being part of this amazing team.

Alex N.


I’m grateful for the authentic people in my life.

Sinan B.

German Marketing Manager

I’m grateful for hot chocolate.

YTranslations offered exactly what we needed: an uncomplicated and cost efficient way to translate our entire webshop into several different languages such as Korean, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese within a few weeks.

But most importantly: Our brand language is rather particular and according to native speaking friends they hit the tonality very well, so all customers get an undiluted and consistent brand message.

Christopher Noerskau Co-founder and Managing Director

As EV-Box is growing exponentially there was the need to adapt our technical manuals to different languages in order to become a more prominent global player in the electric vehicle charging industry.

With the help of YTranslations we were able to review all our technical documentation, installation manuals and user guidelines to help our users and partners to better utilise and install our EV charging stations.

Nowadays we can ship and support partners already in English, Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German, and while no translation work is absolutely perfect, the qualitative result from YTranslations was extremely satisfactory.

Hugo Pereira Marketing & Growth Manager

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