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We are hiring Project Managers.

Holidays are over. Work mood is on. For some of us, it’s actually a good way to get away from too much delicious food, spending time with our family and enjoy reading a good book. Who are we kidding? Everyone loves the winter break. However, we quite enjoy our time at YTranslations and we are […]

Do things well, results will come…

Keeping things simple At YTranslations, we believe in making things simple and sustainable. We put the client first. Firstly, when I was discussing about the business model with my associate, we both agreed to the elements that would shape our company. My associate said to me: let’s try not to be so ambitious. We should […]

Need Translation for Swedish or Finnish language?

There is nothing similar with the Finnish and Swedish languages. When talking about the Swedish language many recognize it more with English and German. As Swedish is a Germanic language and Finnish an Uralic language, you wouldn’t think that Swedish is the second official language in Finland. The solution for this puzzle lies in history […]