Top 10 common mistakes in Russian to English Translation

Are you finding it hard to translate the Russian language? Whether you are a new learner of the language or offering professional translation services, the grammar and writing style of Russian can be challenging. It is these intricacies and cultural differences that make language learning so fun! Variety is the spice of life after all. … Read more

ChatGPT, the newest form of machine translation?

In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence programs have received a lot of attention. Dall E mini has brought AI created art to the mainstream and various copywriting programs have popped up like Jasper AI. The most impactful and well-known AI program that has been released to the public however is ChatGPT. This is an … Read more

Getting started as a translator, How do i do that?

Starting out as a translator can be quite overwhelming, there is a lot to learn and to take into account. In order to give beginning translators some guidance, we asked our in-house translator Dide to write about her experiences starting out, and to give some tips to new translators. Introduction There are many paths to … Read more

Need Translation for Swedish or Finnish language?

There is nothing similar with the Finnish and Swedish languages. When talking about the Swedish language many recognize it more with English and German. As Swedish is a Germanic language and Finnish an Uralic language, you wouldn’t think that Swedish is the second official language in Finland. The solution for this puzzle lies in history … Read more

Meet Joonas!/ Tapaa Joonas! Möt Joonas!

[FI/SV] Ytranslations ei olisi samanlainen ilman Joonasta, suomalaista Marketing Manageriamme, vastuualueenaan Pohjoismaiden markkinat. Kuten hän haluaa itseään kuvailla: Olen tunnollinen, ahkera joukkuepelaaja, joka rakastaa haasteita, asia, josta olemme täysin samaa mieltä. Joonas on se vakava kaveri, jolta et välttämättä odottaisi älykkäitä vitsejä, joille vain muutama nauraa. Kun haastattelimme häntä, hän vaikutti hyvin ujolta ja tunnolliselta. … Read more

Meet Joonas!/ Tapaa Joonas! Möt Joonas!

Ytranslations would not be the same without Joonas, our Finnish Marketing Manager responsible for Scandinavian markets. As he likes to say about himself: I’m conscientious, hardworking team player who loves challenges and we totally validate that. Joonas is that serious guy that you wouldn’t expect to make those smart jokes that only a few laugh. … Read more