TOP 10 des erreurs courantes dans la traduction de l’espagnol vers le français

Vous rencontrez des difficultés sur une traduction de l’espagnol ? La traduction espagnol > français, bien qu’apparemment simple en raison de leurs similitudes, cache en réalité de nombreux défis. En effet, traduire de l’espagnol vers le français requière une attention particulière sur certains détails propres à ces deux langues. Voici donc une liste de dix conseils … Read more

german flag on hand

German Phrases – What they mean, Where they originated

Are you learning a new language? If you try to translate idioms or common phrases word for word, you will find the outcome rather ridiculous. Computer-aided translation apps usually can’t make sense of the word combinations. Here are some interesting and funny German phrases translated literally to brighten your day! Da wird der Hund in … Read more

freelance translator

Working as a Freelance Translator

Love languages and thinking about working as a freelance translator? Or maybe you’re already freelancing in the language industry and want to get some more inside tips. Either way, you’re in the right place! Here, you’ll learn all about freelance translation (you can skip to the next section if you already know) and where you … Read more

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10 Funny Spanish Phrases and their Translations

They say understanding a language’s humour is a sign of its mastery. That can sometimes mean you’re the only one laughing of course… luckily, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find yourself chuckling at these funny Spanish phrases and their actual meanings. Now, we never recommend translating literally but we’ll make an exception … Read more

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The Chinese Flag

Have you ever wondered about the origin of flags? Who invented them? What were they used for? In this article, we’ll give you a bit of history on flags – not just any flag, but the Chinese flag. What in the world do all the little stars mean? Additionally, you’ll learn about the two flags … Read more

© [Our native linguists play with poetry] Butterfly selves

by our beloved Dide, our talented native in-house linguist Outwardly a tool for communication, within, something different Crusty shell battered by the sea, within, an iridescent pearl Clichéd phrases passed around like salt, within, the unity of comprehension Come now, metamorphose, the beautiful butterfly self of translation Slowly, slowly, incubating, grow each strand of personality … Read more

She speaks German, English & Russian but also French, Norwegian & Polish. Meet Anca, our proficient Linguistic Manager.

It is truly a blessing to have Anca in our company. She brings a lot of added value in building authentic relationships with our clients by being simple and natural. Although you would say she is rather shy, Anca is honest and open when communicating with our clients and truly cares about the quality of our … Read more