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43 projects
346.810 words



Technical – Engineering, Advertising & Marketing, Legal, Technical – Automotive, Business


Phone interpreting – 1
Translation and Proofreading – 34
Translation – 8

About EvBox

EVBox is an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment company with offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Libertyville, Madrid, Milton Keynes, Munich, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Rotterdam, and Warsaw

Focused on increasing the access to electric mobility and creating a more sustainable planet, EVBox developed electric charging technology that is now used by EV drivers worldwide. With their “OneChargerOneTree” Initiative they make sure that for every charging port sold, a tree is planted. So far, 100.000 trees have been planted.

Hugo Pereira Profile Picture

Hugo Pereira

Chief Growth Officer - EV-Box
With the help of YTranslations we were able to review all our technical documentation, installation manuals and user guidelines to help our users and partners to better utilise and install our EV charging stations.The qualitative result from YTranslations was extremely satisfactory. Everything was very professional, responsive and transparent, key attributes for building excellent partnerships.

Project Timeline: Product Description and Testing Specifications, 12.744 Words

Industry: Technical-Engineering
Timeline: 5 days

Assigned to the Project Manager

Translation and Revision, multiple target languages (BG, CZ, DA, DE, EL, ES, FI, HR, HU, IT, NO, PL, PT, RO, SK, SL, SV)


EVbox multilanguage term-base

Specialized industry: Technical-Engineering
Experience: +5 years
Other criteria: they have previously completed other translations for EVbox

PM assigns project to native translator

The entire team of linguists working to complete this project included two native language specialists from each of the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.


Previously approved by the EVbox team of reviewer

Qualifications: degree in translation
Experience: +5 years


The project was added to Memsource. Therefore, the initial formatting of the client was kept without the linguist needing to do any change.

Final check

Completed internally by our PM. We checked that the requirements and demands received from the client were met using the QA module embedded in Memsource CAT tool. We covered the terminology, formatting, punctuation, missing and incomplete translation, and local standards compliance.

Quality Assurance

Specifics of the projects

Our collaboration with EVBox began in 2016, when they asked us to help with the English translation of a detailed Dutch installation manual. Since then, we have completed 43 projects, providing support for translation and revision of various documents, such as:

  • Product descriptions and specifications
  • Testing specifications
  • Training materials
  • Operating manuals
  • Charts and other technical documentation
  • Financial documents
  • Press releases
  • Privacy policies
  • Procedures


Our Client Since 2016

17 Language Pairs

How YTranslations managed the project:

Very rarely we have received tasks with only one target Very rarely we received tasks with only one target language. Most of the time, there were at least three up to 17 languages.

During our collaboration, we developed together a working procedure that was both accommodating to EVBox needs and expectations, and also valued our work ethics and business values.

At YTranslations, we make it our mission to work with native linguists with expertise in the client’s industry. Given the long collaboration we have with EVBox and the ongoing feedback, we were also able to establish a team of linguists assessed and approved by the EVBox reviewers.

What’s more, we created a multi-language term-base that is being used by all the linguists and a Memsource Guest Account for the company. In this way, the company’s project managers can see how the translation and revision is advancing in real time, and they can write comments and provide feedback to the linguists.

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