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With Generation Y (born 1980s – early 2000s) set to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025, there could be challenging times for the translation industry. Our industry needs to adapt to the trends set by this young generation as a winning strategy to stay competitive.

YTranslations Ltd is a London based LSP that challenges the language service industry by bringing a fresh outlook and a creative approach. We just opened a new office in Iasi (Romania) and we are eager to build a great team spirit here.

Meet the founders of the company!
– Alex Z. (based in London) – the “serious” guy with a strong background in Law & Human Rights
– Alex N. (based in Iasi) – the “friendly” guy that likes to talk about leadership and personal growth.

Truth is that they do things their own way and like this they inspire each other.

YTranslations Ltd in numbers:

  • 9 creative language solutions
  • 30+ European languages
  • 320+ qualified native linguists in our community
  • 100% of our translators are native in the target language

Main requirements for the job:

  1. highly motivated to join a start-up
  2. passionate about sales/marketing
  3. happy to talk on the phone with international clients
  4. advanced English level
  5. action oriented profile
  6. show a drop of empathy

If you see yourself working with us, send us your CV at: info@ytranslations.com until 26th October.
The preferred start date is on 1st of November.


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