german translator

Translator Wolfgang B.

He has been a freelance translator for English, French and German right after obtaining his MA degree in 1993. Wolfgang also wrote two short stories in 1999 and 2000. He loves travelling and has passed almost two years in the USA and many months abroad in various countries over the years. Having kept notes all the time he is fortunate now of a rather huge collection of travel journals from all over the world. Wolfgang likes reading, playing piano and animals.






Years of experience

ISO Certified

Country: Germany

Education: BA, MA

I like working with YTranslations because of the excellent and straightforward communication, reliable PMs and clear goals.


  • Translation
  • Memsource
  • Word
  • Trados
  • Proofreading

Education and Training

MA in American literature/cultural studies & French literature

Teaching Assistantship
Special courses in PR and Marketing
Professional Training and Certification: Business cooperation with a native English interpreter (automotive) and various book translations with Munich-based publication companies

Work experience

  • Translations in Marketing, IT, PR, Media, Business, Market Research, Trend and Consumer Research, Corporate Communications, Auditing, Economy/Finance;
  • Employee Training, Manuals, Politics, Sociology, Travel/Tourism, real estate
  • Various voice-over (employee training and subtitling projects –; vampire diaries (some episodes) as well as trailers and promotional clips for Dell, Intel, Sony.

During his collaboration with YTranslations, Wolfgang translated and revised:

  • Numerous hardware and software manuals
  • Software training materials, and interfaces
  • Product data sheets
  • Automotive product testing specifications
  • Websites