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Translator Corinne M. W.

She speaks 3 languages (German, English, French), has gathered work experience in a global, multi-cultural environment, and she had been translating for 9 years.



Advertising & Marketing



Years of experience

ISO Certified

Country: France

Education: BA, MA

YTranslations PMs are courteous, extremely warm and understand what’s going on at the other end of the line… I was both an executive in big and small companies and a freelancer so I was once the one at the other end of the line who orders a translation, therefore I know the end client’s needs, the agency’s needs and my own expectations.


  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Management
  • Transcreation

Bachelor in English

Master Program in Journalism

Work experience

She has extensive experience in advertising & marketing, technical-engineering, and business documents. During her collaboration with YTranslation, she translated and revised:

  • Articles, brochures, and informational leaflets
  • Technical documentation
  • Product data sheets
  • Testing specifications
  • Business correspondence


Corinne is a member of American Translators Association (ATA) .