Translator Leigh Ann

Translator Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann has been living in France for 25 years. She enjoys travelling, loves languages and discovering new places and cultures and, so far, she has visited over 30 countries.


Technical Patents



Advertising & Marketing


Years of experience

ISO Certified

Country: France

Education: BA, MA

I feel like the Project Managers at YTranslation are very reactive and understanding. You can feel the real person behind the emails, which is appreciable in today’s world. The deadlines are always reasonable, and the projects are interesting. It is a great company to work for!


  • Software localisation
  • MT post-editing
  • Transcreation
  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Subtitling

Bachelor of Arts in French

Appalachian State University 1991 Double Minor in Criminal Justice and Psychology

Master Program

Colorado State University – 17th Century French Literature

Work experience

She has extensive experience in technical patents, legal, and medical documents but she is also an expert in audio/sound/entertainment. She was a touring professional musician for 25 years. During her collaboration with YTranslation, she has translated and revised:

  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Technical documentation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Insurance documents
  • Service agreements
  • Informed consents

Professional Training and Certification

Continuing education with online classes in different areas such as:

  • MTPE
  • Legal
  • Medical terminology
  • Translation software