Translation industry is all about processes.

Translation industry is not easy to understand. It is not an industry that you can brag to your friends or siblings. Also, this is an industry that you can not easily sell. It is what it is and we take it as such.
Language and communication has become more essential than ever.
And we are thrilled to be part of this phenomenon.

Just translated 10 million words

The translation area is a process-based industry. If you’re good at processes and you enjoy playing video games, there’s a good chance that you might fit in the language industry.

Our obsession for processes has been our trademark since we started. We always tried not to copy and be safe, but more to innovate and attract smiles. I remember how fun it was when we started our linguists’ selection. Although we were a start-up at that time, we developed a 10 steps processes including Emotional Intelligence tests for creative industries such as Advertising and Marketing.

Trust us when we say that we were not liked by a few. We were even checking the IP of the linguists to check their residence. We wanted to make sure we get the right talents . It was very important for us to get native translators living in the target language. Cross-cultural understanding was a must for us.

German into English translation

Imagine the courage we had as a start-up and the stubbornness to follow a process no matter what. This brought us 3,000 applicants, and we selected only 300 out of them. We selected only 1 out of 10 applicants.

I remember that finding German into English translators was the most difficult one. We had the surprise to find out that everyone is native English, specialised in all industries and living in the UK. Well, almost everyone.

This is how we started and it was only the beginning of our vision on how to do things well and believe that results will follow.

Now, after more than 10,000,000 words translated, we can say…not too bad.

We’ll leave you curious until our next post on how we introduced a cloud-based process in all our operations.

Thank you for your attention.




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