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Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Solutions Project

Hugo Pereira - Head Global Marketing & Growth

EV-Box is the international market leader in providing electric vehicle charging stations and related cloud services and it has the largest installed with over 50.000 charging points worldwide.
Our office delivered professional translation services for EV-Box of around 100,000 words using English, German, Dutch and other European languages in the ‘Electric mobility industry.
As part of their expansion strategy in Europe and North America, we had to provide translation and editing services for Installation and User Manuals for different charging station models & software services.
As part of their table of contents, there were different elements:
- Safety regulations
- Product description
- Installation procedures
- Technical specifications
- Declaration of Conformity
One of the challenges was to grasp the terminology of an industry that is developing rapidly in our times.
For example, our client is using technology such as like Smart Charging, Load Balancing and Peak Shaving features.
Their integrated solution for communication between charge points and their central system is OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol).
These technical manuals come with heavy graphics and a complex design layout, so we had to use our DTP team to ensure that the translated text fits the original layout and graphic design.
Every detail is essential in the technical industry, so we had to use a translation technology platform that detects non-conformities in the translation process by comparing source and target segments.
We had to run quality assurance that would keep the consistency of the content, by having the same translation for the same words & expressions and to avoid inconsistencies such as tags & formatting.
"With the help of YTranslations we were able to review all our technical documentation, installation manuals and user guidelines to help our users and partners to better utilise and install our EV charging stations.
Nowadays we can ship and support partners already in English, Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German, and while no translation work is absolutely perfect, the qualitative result from YTranslations was extremely satisfactory."

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SimpleJohn – Industrial E-learning Translation Project

Jan Komrska - CEO

SimpleJohn S.R.O is a company based in the Czech Republic that develops E-Learning solutions for businesses in the technical industry.
Their portfolio provides LMS software (Learning Management System) and tailored online courses for industrial companies to achieve their training objectives.
As part of their global expansion strategy, we are providing translation services using German, English and other languages.
The end customers are multinational manufacturing companies with identical/similar manufacturing processes.
SimpleJohn creates the course in one language and we then deliver translation services for other languages so that their customers can use the training globally.
In the online courses, we get to deliver technical translation services for German into English, Czech and Polish on different concepts of MPM (manufacturing process management).
A cornerstone of MPM is the central repository for the integration of all these tools and activity aids in the exploration of alternative {1>production line<1} scenarios – making {2>assembly lines<2} more efficient with the aim of reduced lead time to product launch, shorter product times and reduced {3>work in progress<3} (WIP) inventories, as well as allowing rapid response to product or product changes. Production line Assembly line Work in progress Here are some processes that we often cover in translations: Production process planning Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) Generation of shop floor work instructions Time and cost estimates Quality computer-aided quality assurance (CAQ) Success measurements Communication with other systems

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The Slow Watch - Webshop Translation Project

CHRISTOPHER NOERSKAU Co-founder and Managing Director

YTranslations offered exactly what we needed: an uncomplicated and cost efficient way to translate our entire webshop into several different languages such as Korean, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese within a few weeks.
But most importantly: Our brand language is rather particular and according to native speaking friends they hit the tonality very well, so all customers get an undiluted and consistent brand message.

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