She speaks German, English & Russian but also French, Norwegian & Polish. Meet Anca, our proficient Linguistic Manager.

It is truly a blessing to have Anca in our company. She brings a lot of added value in building authentic relationships with our clients by being simple and natural.

Although you would say she is rather shy, Anca is honest and open when communicating with our clients and truly cares about the quality of our services delivered.

Although her role in the company is to manage the business accounts, she is also a proficient linguist. She holds a Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Literatures in Russian and German degree but also a Master’s Degree in Slavic Languages & Modern Civilizations.

Anca speaks German, English and Russian at an advanced level, but she also manages other foreign languages such as French, Norwegian & Polish. It’s great having her. This always helps when she communicates with our international clients.

We asked her what she likes about YTranslations.

anca final

YTranslations means for me a lot of authentic experiences and memories but among other values in our company, I appreciate honesty and friendship the most.

I believe that YTranslations can make a change in our clients work by showing the values mentioned before. I believe that we can be better tomorrow than today, today than yesterday and now than ever.

We thank her for being a committed employee and true friend!

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