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We transcribe your audio recordings with high accuracy and quality at affordable rates

Our Results
High accuracy transcription
Your transcripts are done manually by professional transcribers. They are then proofread and quality checked in order to reach a high rate of accuracy.
professional transcribers
transcribed words
0 hours
are needed to transcribe an interview of 1 hour
words per minute is the aproximate speed of a transcriber
Practice Areas
Audio quality
Human transcribers can differentiate your speech from background noise. Regardless of the audio quality, you will receive a high-quality transcript.
AI transcription
Advanced machine transcription can attain an accuracy of 80-90%, while human transcribers provide high quality transcripts of 99% accuracy.
Multiple speakers
Human transcribers differentiate multiple speakers. They can notice different accents and voice tones.
Dialects and slang
Machine transcription immediately autocorrects an unfamiliar word to the closest meaning or skips the word altogether as inaudible. Human transcribers handle dialects with ease.
Our Team
Secure Platform
All projects are managed on our online SSL encrypted platform with Two-Factor Authentication, using secure servers in Ireland (European Union).
ISO 17100 Certified
This international standard ensures a high-quality of services for translation agencies, as well as conformity with data privacy and security standards.
GDPR Compliant
Files are hosted on our secure and GDPR compliant online platform. We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our collaborators.
We cover multiple features like audio time coding, SRT files, start/end times, speaker names, and many more

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