Meet Sopiyaa!/ Lerne Sopiyaa kennen!

Meet Sopiyaa!/ Lerne Sopiyaa kennen!

The team was thrilled to welcome our Marketing Manager, Sopiyaa on our YTranslations team. She surprised us with her big smile and eagerness to get to know the company, the industry and so much more.
Sopiyaa has finished Law studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms Universität, and she’s very close to graduate Economics. She has a passion for languages as she is bi-lingual in German and Tamil, but also fluent in English and Advanced in Latin.

She is no stranger to the language industry as she worked as an Interpreter at Sprachlos, a German translation and interpreting agency.

Sopiyaa is always asking the challenging questions and brings a lot of new ideas and a fresh approach to the company, especially in dealing with new clients. She is always putting quality as a top priority on everything that she delivers.

We asked some questions to our bright Marketing Manager and look what she answered:
Why did you choose YTranslations?

I was attracted by the vision of YTranslations, and to be more specific, on the concept of giving the Y-Generation the chance to get experience in this industry while concentrating on own values. Also, other reasons were consisting on the stand that the founders took towards the ethical and moral way of doing the translations work and not willing to skip those attitudes, just in order to achieve mostly financial benefit, were the main reasons, why I decided to come to YTranslations.

Beside this, I thought, that a startup is an efficient and a good way to get a proper view on working professionally and experience many different aspects/parts of a company, simply said, the whole package.

How would you define the environment at YTranslations?

Concentrated, talkative, laughing, silent, professional, easy, dynamic, young, singing, team-like and “digital nomade”.

What was the unexpected that you experienced in our translation agency until now? 

It is definitely in the matrix of plan vs reality. As a business, you forecast certain results, but the reality shows that you need to adapt to the market, to the growth in different industries in order to stand a chance.

If you would summarize your whole experience at YTranslations in one word, what would that be?



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