7 steps to build high performing organisations

I’ve always been inspired by courage. People that do not adapt are called in our societies naive or inflexible. I see them as potential change makers.

Being part of more than 5 organizations, both NGOs or multinational corporations, representing youth and making decisions for youth in global environments such as AIESEC International or United Nations I have tried to influence the course of our generation.


As I write, I am still learning and striving to do so.
Thus, I am sharing some of the ideas that came across in my way and could’ve helped me in times of struggle.

  1. Manifest a strong sense of mission

It has to be so powerful that makes you crazy inside that if it doesn’t happen. It makes you suffer when you realize you are far from it. And the projected image that could rise above can be the only thing that makes you going. You can be taken as a fool for even thinking about it, but what drives you everyday is too strong to stop it. It is the moment when you find the courage to say it out loud that your vision starts to be authentic and validated by the organization. The people are starting to get in position to march.

  1. Find the 25% of the right people

You can not have all the people on board. The speed of the march depends on the % of the people that understand and act towards the purpose. You need at least 25% of the people from your teams to be 110% in the quest, and these people need to be in key positions from where they can start deliver the change. They are your tribe. The 25% grows depending on their power to change the status quo, and the speed is dependent on their beliefs. It is a full time relationship between a vision and a smart way of making it happen.

  1. Define success for every layer

As I experienced, building the plan from the beginning it might not work all the time. Showcasing the context can create a stronger need and followed by a more authentic engagement. From the new members that just joined, to the highest layers of your organization, everyone needs to know and understand upon the definition of success and their contribution to it. In these times, how you measure performance is a key asset to change behaviors.

  1. Change the stories in the organization

What you talk about, is where the people will put ideas on. Stop discussing about the issues and the bottlenecks. Start by building authentic stories of success and engage the people by giving them the chance to continue those particular stories. Be sincere with yourself and let them truly have their own stories. Make the “what if” happen!

  1. Allocate your resources to strategic objectives

People are operating by inertia. You need to change the course of it, by taking a stand for what matters. Change the allocation of resources to the strategic objectives especially the allocation of your high potential talents and showcase how this is contributing to the success that was agreed. Some call it strategic management. The decision making process need to be aligned to the focuses of the plan. The projected image is rewarded and recognized by the ones who do it faster and stronger.

  1. Evaluate and adjust

Increase the frequency of performance analysis and bring external resources to contribute .The people in key positions need to be always aware where we’re standing and a reminder of what we’re aiming for is always recommended. Most of the times you realize that it is not the strategies that are not working, but the people who drive these operations. Seek solutions with these people and have in mind a development plan but also allocate your efforts so that it creates fast results.

  1. Enjoy the ride

I think I could’ve done so much better here. It’s important not to take yourself so seriously. Makes the job more fun, and creates a more relaxing and enjoying environment for everyone. Be happy that you’re given a chance like this one and be grateful for all the people that you meet in this journey.

I do hope you enjoyed the reading.
Make the best out of it.

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