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We’re hiring! [3 positions]

Yes, is true, we are hiring! Our dearest, Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that we are hiring. So, we have 3 new positions for our office in Iasi.In other words, 3 brave individuals are expected to be part of our team for the following roles: Partnership Manager (full time/part-time : Monday-Thursday 08.00 – 14.00)Human […]

We are hiring Project Managers.

Holidays are over. Work mood is on. For some of us, it’s actually a good way to get away from too much delicious food, spending time with our family and enjoy reading a good book. Who are we kidding? Everyone loves the winter break. However, we quite enjoy our time at YTranslations and we are […]

Do things well, results will come…

Keeping things simple At YTranslations, we believe in making things simple and sustainable. We put the client first. Firstly, when I was discussing about the business model with my associate, we both agreed to the elements that would shape our company. My associate said to me: let’s try not to be so ambitious. We should […]