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© [Our native linguists play with poetry] Butterfly selves

by our beloved Dide, our talented native in-house linguist   Outwardly a tool for communication, within, something different Crusty shell battered by the sea, within, an iridescent pearl Clichéd phrases passed around like salt, within, the unity of comprehension Come now, metamorphose, the beautiful butterfly self of translation Slowly, slowly, incubating, grow each strand of […]

We’re hiring! [3 positions]

Yes, is true, we are hiring! Our dearest, Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that we are hiring. So, we have 3 new positions for our office in Iasi.In other words, 3 brave individuals are expected to be part of our team for the following roles: Partnership Manager (full time/part-time : Monday-Thursday 08.00 – 14.00)Human […]

about to hire a new Project Manager. Know anyone?

Holidays are over. Work mood is on. For some of us, it’s actually a good way to get away from too much delicious food, spending time with our family and enjoy reading a good book. Who are we kidding? Everyone loves the winter break. Happily, for us, we quite enjoy our time at YTranslations and […]